Wednesday, December 28, 2016

PrivateFX. Goals and objectives for 2017

PrivateFX Director General Alexander Bykov says about goals and objectives for 2017

Recommended account.
Easier to obtain the recommended status of the account, for which the company will present a program that allows a successful trader in a timely manner to get the amount of control.

PrivateFX. Results of 2016

PrivateFX Director General Alexander Bykov says about the results of 2016.

Customer results
Currently PrivateFX client base exceeds 25,000 actively trading clients.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On-line conference of the PrivateFX managers

2016 year, which is the first year of the company PrivateFX activity, is coming to the end. This year appeared to be full of both positive and not so positive aspects. 
Active promotion of the company in the market, appearance of new investment products, the various difficulties arised all along the way and more accompanied PrivateFX throughout the year.

Elections Supervisory Board in PrivateFX

The elections to the new Supervisory Board of the company (SB) are appointed for the beginning of 2017 year.

The company PrivateFX Supervisory Board proved to be an excellent institution for the interaction between the broker and the clients. Different issues of interaction between clients and the company had been solved with the help of SB. You can never find such «clients trade union» in any other broker.

Monday, December 26, 2016

PrivateFX get Licence For Trading

2016 year is finishing off.  The broker PrivateFX, founded a year ago, is developing with success. The major shareholder, Concord Capital, made great efforts for the  establishment of the broker. And by the end of the year the good news was found out - the group of companies PrivateFX got a license!!!