Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Elections Supervisory Board in PrivateFX

The elections to the new Supervisory Board of the company (SB) are appointed for the beginning of 2017 year.

The company PrivateFX Supervisory Board proved to be an excellent institution for the interaction between the broker and the clients. Different issues of interaction between clients and the company had been solved with the help of SB. You can never find such «clients trade union» in any other broker.

In this regard, leaders of PrivateFX made the decision to assign official status to the Supervisory Board. The Statute on a Supervisory Board is confirmed with the company shareholders, but it’s possible to introduce some changes and suggestions that can also be included in this document.

Formal authority. confirmed with documents, will be delegated to SB. The Supervisory Board will be an independent body of generating solutions based on customer requirements and control of their execution.

It is important that any client of the company can be elected to the Supervisory Board. Thus, there will be a truly national body, which will defend the interests of the clients. All members of SB should be public and open as much as possible. Each member of SB will be required to present their vision of the company development in the election program.

And the most interesting - the election will take place by voting in the PrivateFX clients personal accounts to exclude the possibility of falsification of the election results.

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