Wednesday, December 28, 2016

PrivateFX. Goals and objectives for 2017

PrivateFX Director General Alexander Bykov says about goals and objectives for 2017

Recommended account.
Easier to obtain the recommended status of the account, for which the company will present a program that allows a successful trader in a timely manner to get the amount of control.

Attracting traders. 
Budget permanent trading contest will be increased.Implemented an agreement with the major players in the field of algorithmic trading, it will be implemented in early 2017.

Indices shoulder.
At the beginning of 2017 year, there will index with the use of a shoulder to 1:5, in the future - 1:10. 
Will the expansion of financial instruments, it is: and futures contracts, and bonds as well.

Private PAMM indexes.
Partners of the company will be able to build their own indexes.
Moreover, partners will receive a reward for each traded lot deal with this index.

Diversified products will be launched from fixed possible loss and unlimited profit, the so-called option.

Financial statements.

A certain segment of customers will be able to get online access to statistics and information on the financial statements PrivateFX.
In the online mode of the selected clients will see what is happening inside the company: whether there is any increase or decline among customers, and what is currently financial situation.

The audit will be carried out for the year 2016.
The report will be posted at public access on the website.

Output in new geolocation.
Asia a priority, the company is keen to establish itself in China next year.
To do this, there are negotiations with the liquidity provider who has their license in China.
There are unique offerings for partners to acquire exclusive to the region, as well as the planned increase and add advertising budget, which will also be made available to the partner.

You can watch the video in Russian

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