Wednesday, December 28, 2016

PrivateFX. Results of 2016

PrivateFX Director General Alexander Bykov says about the results of 2016.

Customer results
Currently PrivateFX client base exceeds 25,000 actively trading clients.Following the results of 2016 the profit gained 13% of traders and 62% of investors.

Program 1 +1
The successful outcome of the investment at 72% of customers.
This result was made on customer accounts + 100% bonus, which provided the company.
Unlock deposits will occur according to the traded lot volume.
With the description of the mechanism release is available on the website, or ask questions during an online conference with Roman Karaulov.

Bank accounts
Open segregated bank accounts in Sberbank and Belarusian BSB Bank, as well as a corporate account in the Latvian Norvik Bank.

Overlapping customer positions
Currently ADS-Securities is the main supplier of the company's liquidity.
Completely changed the risk management policy, and at the moment the majority of customer orders automatically goes into the market and hits the ceiling accounts with liquidity providers.
If the mass microlots starts together to form some sort of a big position, it automatically through software dealers, it goes into the market and into one of the liquidity providers accounts and blocked by the Company in cash.

Financial exhibition
This year PrivateFX participated in two thematic financial conferences: in Guangzhou and Moscow Financial Expo, where the company was the general sponsor.
At two conferences the company has been nominated for and won awards, which are available on the website.

Regional partners
In September, an agreement was signed with the regional partner in Slovakia.
It is possible that in Slovakia next year the company will take part in one of the FX-conferences.
More likely to be signed contracts in the Czech Republic, where the company will be a new regional partner.
Alexander Bykov also negotiating with potential representatives PrivateFX in two European countries.
You can watch the video in Russian 

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