For investors

The company Private FX offers for investors of three investment products.

Percent Allocation Management Module, PAMM is the module of management of percentage distribution.
It is an investment service which gives the chance to investors to earn, without trading on Forex themselves, and to the managing director — to get additional profit for management of funds from investors.

Indexes of PAMM-accounts consist from investment attractive PAMM accounts and give to investors the following opportunities:
  • To reduce risks of losses;
  • To invest in some accounts in one cliques;
  • Opportunity to create the balanced portfolio even with the small sum;
  • Possibility of a choice of investment strategy.

This products demands from investors of a certain qualification, but gives the following opportunities:
  • To combine the investment and the own trade on one account;
  • To see transactions of other traders in the online mode from the moment of their opening;
  • To copy profitable transactions of different traders into the account and to close or hedge unprofitable transactions.
Whom this product will be interesting?
  • For traders managing PAMM-accounts.
  • To skilled investors who wish to increase profit or to minimize risks.
  • To traders who can use accounts of successful managing directors as the trade tool and also to combine own trade with copying of transactions of other managing directors.

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