How it works PAMM-accounts?

1. Manager creates PAMM account, putting in it the Manager's Capital. This sum he risks on par with its investors. The distribution of gains and losses is automatic, according to the percentage ratio of the offer.

2. The investor chooses the broker is registered , is studying the effectiveness of the control by using the rating of the PAMM-account and invests funds in the desired PAMM-account. The amount of funds transferred to investors called management - Capital Investors.

3. For example, an investor has chosen one manager and invested in his PAMM-account $ 6,000.

4. Next, the manager for trading will be available to all agents. After the investment manager for a certain period of time, its trade has achieved profitability for the PAMM-account at 50%, increasing the investor's funds in half.

5. Profit or loss from trading, recorded at the end of the trading period. Part of their earnings the investor gives the manager in accordance with the offer.

6. The rollover investor can derive profits or by all means.

  • High yield. You can independently adjust the profits and risks by creating your own balanced portfolio of attractive you tools.
  • Investment security. PAMM system eliminates the fact of default on the part of the Manager, thereby protecting your investment from non-commercial risks inherent in the classical asset management.
  • Liquidity instruments without restrictions in terms. The investor has the opportunity at any time to replenish or withdraw funds from the PAMM-account.
  • The minimum amount of investment. Choice of the PAMM-account with the investment threshold of $ 10.
  • Risk allocation. Risk allocation is proportional between the Manager and the investor, depending on the parameters of the offer.

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